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Photographer Steps Within 4 Yards of a Mountain Lion for the Perfect Shot

mountain lion
Daniel Bradford

Would you be this calm if a mountain lion walked up to you? I know what I’d be doing (and it would mean a change of pants!)

The chilling stare of a mountain lion is cold enough to send shivers of fright down any spine. These top-of-the-line predators, although seldom seen, are cunning killers. Then again, after watching this video, it turns out they might just be overgrown pussycats…

Daniel Bradford shot this stunning footage in Northwest Montana. After finding fresh scrapes, he decided to utilize a hand call in the hopes of luring a big cat in. He got his wish – and from a front-row seat, at that.

mountain lion encounter

Click here to go to Daniel’s Youtube channel for the video of the whole encounter!

Check out the intense stare on that cat. Yikes!

If you think Bradford was sitting safely inside a locked vehicle, think again. He was sitting on the ground, back against a tree, wearing a pair of blue jeans. The cat was a mere sixteen feet away when it noticed him.

In fact, he’s probably still thanking his lucky stars that he survived, since the next time he captured footage of a mountain lion, he didn’t do it in person:

Nothing more thrilling than a rare animal encounter in the wilderness. We’re just happy Bradford lived to share it with us!


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Photographer Steps Within 4 Yards of a Mountain Lion for the Perfect Shot