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Video: Monster Bull Moose Owns This Alaskan Street

Bull Moose
Robert Farris

Traffic laws apparently don't apply for this midnight-strolling moose.

Crossing paths with a mature bull moose is awe-inspiring to say the least. These massive mammals, with truly unfathomable head gear, deserve respect and admiration. It's also probably best to give them the right of way when on our roadways.

This awesome cell phone clip, captured by Robert Farris as he took a midnight drive in Alaska, shows the true size of these giant animals.

And now, we know what those grassy medians are used for in our most northern state.

Big ol' bull wandering our streets at midnight...#SharingAlaska by Robert Farris

Posted by Sharing Alaska on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Talk about a gnarly rack, and boy does he ever dwarf the vehicles on that road.

We quite like the guy who kicked his SUV into reverse for a better look at Bullwinkle. We'd definitely do the same!

Who wants to take a stab at scoring this monster?

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Video: Monster Bull Moose Owns This Alaskan Street