Calgary Transit

Wandering Moose Looks For Free Ride at the Calgary Train Station

Is it a coincidence this happened on World Animal Day?

Calgary Transit had a surprise visitor to their Tuscany LRT station October 4, as this strange fella ambled in on four legs without a stitch of clothing on. A young bull moose out for a midnight stroll wandered across the pedestrian overpass that connects the station to Crowchild Trail at 2:30 a.m., apparently in search of a ride out of town. Unfortunately, the first train doesn't begin running until 5 a.m.

Residents of this Canadian city awoke to a stellar tweet from Calgary Transit that showed two images of the sauntering moose with the caption "#HappyWorldAnimalDay." Yep, you guessed it—this moose happened to make an appearance on the day the world recognizes our wildlife!


This story is very similar to one we shared with you last month, in which the Oakland CHP tweeted a pic of a deer walking across a toll bridge. You can read that humorous piece here.

Wildlife sure does show up in the most unusual of places sometimes.

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