CHP Oakland
CHP Oakland/Twitter

Oakland CHP's Tweet for Deer on Toll Bridge is Comedic Gold

The pic they snapped is cool, but the caption... too funny!

We imagine police officers come across some pretty peculiar sights while out on patrol. But for two cops with CHP Oakland, we're pretty certain this has to be a first.

In the early hours of September 29, a deer was spotted standing on the Bay Bridge. The officers snapped a pic, which we must say, looks super cool with the concrete of the bridge illuminated. That evening the official Twitter account for CHP Oakland tweeted out this:

CHP Oakland

Talk about a hilarious caption! What's not to love about a police department with a good sense of humor.

One thing they missed. If you look closely, you'll notice this is actually a young buck. Oh well, they almost got it right. Still can't beat those puns though!

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