osceola turkey
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Video: Michael Waddell Drops Jet-Black Osceola Turkey

This is one of the darkest wild turkeys you'll ever see.

Michael Waddell's hunting prowess is common knowledge at this point. He's one of the biggest names in our sport, largely because of his ability to identify different influential elements in a hunt, as well as his deep, rooted knowledge of wild game animals.

Because his expertise on hunting, you know it's noteworthy when he identifies something as unusual. In this short, but epic clip of one of his turkey hunts, we see an extremely dark Osceola turkey, which is especially unique.

Watch the video below:

"Jet-black Osceola," Waddell says. "I'm talkin' about 3 o'clock in the morning black wings."

While he always manages to give every video a colorful touch (no pun intended), those wings truly are jet-black.

Osceola turkeys, which are mostly found in Florida, are known for being darker than the rest of their northern siblings, but this one takes the dark-feather look to a whole new level.

Can you imagine mounting this gobbler on the wall of your office or man cave? I would looks so much different than most other turkey mounts out there that it would surely be a conversation piece.