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Video: Strap in for This Guy's Epic Showdown With a Monster Tarpon

tarpon fishing
Facebook: John Wisdom

This is a battle for the ages!

Nothing is better than watching someone hook into a big fish from the shore. There's something especially dramatic about watching the battle between land and sea.

This dramatic effect is amplified when fishing saltwater, as it provides an even-stronger element of surprise. First, there's generally no telling what you're hooked into when you feel that first strike, whereas you'll generally have a pretty good guess in freshwater.

Second, you usually have a lot more line out in the water, which mean you have a much longer, harder fight on your hands. And finally, the fish get much, much bigger.

In this particular case, we see a man by the name of John Wisdom in a no-holds-barred showdown with a trophy-class tarpon.

Watch the video below:

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Posted by John Wisdom on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

You can't top the excitement every angler feels when that initial strike happens. But, the rush only flows faster and harder as the fight continues to develop.

A battle with a tarpon is about as fun as it gets, too, as they'll jump like a bass, despite boasting the size of a shark. Luckily, this guy was all business, and even more muscle, so he was ready to fight any fish that was foolish enough to bite his line.

Did you see how fast he reeled that thing in? Usually an angler will let a fish wear itself out before they try to pull it ashore, but this guy said screw it and somehow overpowered an unbelievably powerful fish.

What a fish, too! It's no small feat to catch a tarpon in general, but this thing was an absolute beast!

Congrats to John on a great catch!




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Video: Strap in for This Guy's Epic Showdown With a Monster Tarpon