Jason Adamson/Facebook

Video: Is This Really a New World Record for the Farthest Bow Shot?

This is the true definition of "hang time!"

The internet is rife with people making ridiculous claims. Most are dismissed, but there's always those few that are being truthful. This video definitely caught our attention.

Jason Adamson is the man behind the bow, shooting an Element arrow at a target from an astonishing 405 yards away. Oh, and he takes on this task in the dark!

Talk about hang time!

What do you think? Is this really the new world-record archery shot?

As expected, once this video made its rounds on Facebook, many people questioned the distance or if camera trickery was involved.

Adamson replied with this comment:

"If you really want to see my shot in the daylight find Jason Adamson in Utah on Facebook it's there. I'm shooting at a Glendale buck and the balloon goes from behind his front shoulder to his flank. It's about the same width as his body. Doubt all you want we are just having a great time shooting just to see what our bows will do. I would be happy to do it again the comments are fun as heck. If haters aren't hating your not trying hard enough. Thanks for watching."

So we dug up that video:

We're sold.

Sweet shooting, Jason. You're a man with some serious skills.

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