California wildfires
RMG News/YouTube

Video: Heroic Man Saves Wild Rabbit From California Wildfires

In the face of utter destruction, compassion for wildlife still burns bright.

The California wildfires are beyond horrific as they continue to blaze an intense path of destruction with no sign of reprieve in sight. But through the flames and chaos, acts of compassion are coming to light - and with them restoring our faith in humanity.

The following clip, as raw and intense as it is, brilliantly shows the affinity humans have to wildlife. And as you're about to see, this man risked his own life to save that of an out-of-luck wild rabbit.

This is guaranteed to make your day:

This heart-warming rescue took place on December 6 in Ventura County when the man spotted the rabbit while driving by.

The unnamed man, who refused an interview by the photographer shooting the footage, simply offered up this act of kindness because he cares. It wasn't done for fame, Facebook Live notoriety, or because he figured it would make a cool 'selfie' opportunity.

Now that is the true definition of hero.

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