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One Locked-Up Buck is Dead; Can the Other Be Saved?

locked-up buck

These hunters wage a risky battle of rescue to free a locked-up buck, and it's all caught on film.

A locked-up buck is generally a dead buck. Antler entanglement, while fighting during the rut, can lead to the demise of many a majestic whitetail. But there are always a few heroes in the hunting community willing to lend a hand to help free these fighters, if they're found in time.

Take this video, for instance. Two bucks locked-up tight: one has succumbed to exhaustion or injury and has had a portion of his hind quarters eaten by a predator. The other is valiantly trying to rid himself of his adversary. Take a look at what happens.

Who doesn't love a happy ending? There were a few tense moments in that clip, and luckily, these guys brought extra tools in order to finish the job.

Hunters like these are the truest of sportsmen. They have respect and the utmost compassion for the quarry they chase. If you want to see another example of an intense buck rescue, check out this clip of one that took place in Illinois.

Job well done, boys. You make us all proud.

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One Locked-Up Buck is Dead; Can the Other Be Saved?