Video: Fearless Moose Plays Game of Chicken with Oncoming Train

Apparently moose aren't afraid to stand their ground.

Moose are massive animals, standing as tall as seven feet high at the shoulder and averaging over 1,000 pounds in weight. And, with an ornery attitude to match their impressive size, very few things they cross paths with can deter their steadfast traits. A moving train apparently isn't one of them.

The following video footage, shot POV-style from a train, shows the makings of a delicate game of chicken. And, as you're about to see, even the bellowing sound of the train's horn wasn't enough to change this moose's mind.

After seeing the depth of snow off the tracks, it's no wonder this forward-thinking moose preferred to stroll down the path of least resistance.

The train wins in the end, but this fearless moose certainly gave it a run for its money.