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Watch: Video Captures Coyote Roaming 2nd Floor of Texas Condominium

An Austin, Texas resident is urging people in his neighborhood to keep cats inside at night after he captured video of coyotes wandering around the second story of his condominium.

Fox 7 News reported this story and it's really terrible as this happened in an area that's not rural. The resident of a condominium said he knows these coyotes are looking for his cats as they hang out on the second floor.

"One cat disappeared, he wasn't a wanderer, he was an in and out cat, and he just disappeared. It was almost blind, so I knew he didn't wander." 

He posted his story on the app Nextdoor which I also use when we have predator issues. There were many neighbors that had similar stories and concerns.

Small pets clearly cannot be left outside at night anymore. That may be obvious if you live in areas that are rural but if you live in the city is this the new norm?

Do you have to watch your small dog potty at night before bedtime? Yes! You must keep your cats indoors! This issue is happening all over urban areas in major cities so we now must learn to live with some predators I suppose.

Watch this horrifying video. What if this man's cats were hanging out before they went to bed inside their condo?

There is a whole page about coyotes on the Texas Parks and Wildlife site that says these urban coyotes are the result of cities and communities expanding and developing. Simply trapping and removing them won't stop the issue, instead they urge people to co-exist with them. 

We write about how to protect your dogs and small animals from coyotes a lot. Many go as far as having barbed wire or electric fencing around their house, but depending on where you live, it might not be possible. For now, your best bet is removing anything from your yard that might attract coyotes, along with putting out repellents.

Coyotes wander throughout rural areas and everyone knows the risks of having livestock. You do what you need to protect them from predators. Yet the second floor of a condominium is no place for coyotes! Coyote sightings were caught on video in Round Rock and South Austin too in the suburbs!

Have you had any problems with coyotes where you live? Please leave a comment below. 

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