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French Rooster Had His Day in Court, Rooster "Was Just Being Himself"

Roosters are loud. So loud that it'll hurt your ears if you're standing right next to them when they crow. This is no joke. I have two and they're not close to the house yet I hear them all day long. I love them and their noisy crowing and cannot imagine it any other way.

'Maurice' the rooster kept crowing and his neighbors sued the owner over the noise. Maurice lives on a French island and there was a large debate! Owners of a holiday home on the island were upset as 'Maurice' was so loud in the morning.

The court case was really about rural culture and one supporter brought their rooster to the court for support. These country noises are part of living out in the country!

"You are the strongest, you are the most beautiful!" the owner told Maurice when she arrived home after winning.

Honestly, if you're in a rural part of any countryside then you're going to hear animal noises like a rooster and probably donkeys.

The New York Times reported that his lawyer made a great case!

"You are the strongest, you are the most beautiful!" the owner told Maurice the rooster when she arrived home after winning. The whole town's feathers were ruffled over the court case! The rooster "was just being himself" says his lawyer.

Fun fact: rooster crowing is capable of producing around 90 decibels - the same as a barking dog! 

"The court also awarded the rooster 1,000 euros, about $1,100, in damages — more than enough for a luxury redo of his simple green chicken coop, though the money will go to a fund for the families of those who have perished at sea, his lawyer said."

This happened in France on the small island of Oleron but could have happened in any rural place. Maurice's owner appears to be a lovely woman and this french rooster should be allowed to do what it does naturally... crow. A French court made the final decision and we love the verdict.

Maurice's case will hopefully allow other roosters to crow openly where they live with their chickens. The court's decision is the best outcome we can imagine! Even damages were paid to Maurice. The support committee showing up didn't hurt! This is not an early morning nuisance and if this became a national debate the roo wins every time. This is not an urban area but a small southern town in France and the sounds of church bells are probably louder. Maurice's tale is a story about kindness and less about too much noise. The cock-a-doodle-doo is the best 'noise' on a farm and hardly noise nuisance. What were these people thinking about taking this rooster to court! Roosters are part of rural heritage! We all know that! Even the residents of a village showed up at the trial to support Maurice.

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