coyote attacks deer
Facebook: Roberto Alcorta

Buck Appears to Be Bedded, But is Actually Being Attacked By a Coyote

Predator control is an important facet in managing property and your deer herd, and this will only give you more fuel to go and thin them out.

As we all know, whitetails are the most sought after game animal in America.

Many people, including myself, spend a lot of money, time and resources to chase deer every year.

These days, land management and herd management are a big key in killing deer and keeping a healthy deer herd in your area.

A way to keep that in check is to control the predators. Coyote populations are booming in many states, and it's crucial we control their population.

That's why you'll often hear deer hunters say the best coyote is a dead coyote. If you need another reason to hunt them, just watch this video.

It looks as if this is just a beautiful, bedded buck at the beginning, but you quickly can see something isn't right. As this buck jumps from his bed, he's clearly struggling. Then once the deer clears the brush, you can see a coyote has bitten and locked itself to this great buck's hind end.

With a video like this, the impact these coyotes can have on a deer herd really starts to sink in. If a small coyote can feed on a strong mature buck like this, you know they're fully capable of putting a hurt on your deer herd.

Just picturing a coyote attacking your target buck being is enough to get your blood boiling. What are you waiting for? Get out and start coyote hunting!