Carson Wentz

NFL Quarterback Carson Wentz Fires Back to Hunting Dog Photo Criticism

Carson Wentz went to Twitter to wish his hunting buddy a happy birthday, but one fan insisted it might be offensive. Wentz gave a spot-on response.

Carson Wentz has quickly gone from North Dakota State University standout an MVP-caliber quarterback in the NFL. While the success and celebrity status has come for the Eagles signal caller, he hasn't changed as a person.

Wentz is still a down-to-earth guy who's passionate about things he loves. Those things happen to be Jesus and hunting, and he isn't afraid to tell you.

Wentz recently went to Twitter to wish his dog, Henley, a happy fifth birthday. He posted a puppy picture as well as a picture of what they enjoy to do together—waterfowl hunting. Henley is proudly towering over a limit of honkers in the photo.

A follower on Twitter tweeted at Wentz regarding the picture.

"As a friend I wanted to quickly highlight that a man in your influential position might cause offense through the posting of your first picture. I support it's sentiment however the context and content of the pic could offend."

Wentz went on to share his follower's tweet and respond with his thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Wentz responded in a very polite manner but got his point across. The man loves to hunt and he loves Jesus, and he intends it to stay that way no matter what others think.

That is a stance that many hunters will continue to have to take in a world where many don't see eye to eye with us. Remember to always educate people on the matter and hopefully they can be reasonable and see that hunting is much more than "killing animals."

Wentz is a great spokesperson for our sport, and it's hard not to love this guy.