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You'll Never Believe Where This Crazy Rut Chase Winds Up!

When this buck heard there was a hot doe in the area he took things a little too literally. 

If you've been in the whitetail woods in November, chances are you've seen some crazy rut chases. Bucks chase does up ridges only to chase them right back down; they push them across driveways, through traffic, and even once in a while past your stand.

Despite their crazy November notoriety though, you've probably never seen a buck as persistent as the one in this video.

Even with her best diversionary tactics and solid hiding skills, this doe seemingly can't find a place to escape the hounding buck. With no other option she takes to the lake in a tactic she very well may have used to escape some of the most persistent predators in the past.

A hungry pack of coyotes, however, is no match compared to the persistence of a rutting buck. With Olympic speed the bruiser quickly catches the doe in water and sends the chase back to dry land.

What's the craziest chase you've ever witnessed?

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You'll Never Believe Where This Crazy Rut Chase Winds Up!