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Could the Buck in This Video Technically Count as a Doe?

Hunter’s worst nightmare comes true when a trophy buck loses its antlers during recovery.

We’ve all been in that situation, you lucked out and scored on a buck, which allows you to perform another proud rite of successful deer hunting passage: the antler drag.

Watch this video to see a similar unfortunate incident unfold on this once-lucky hunter.

Pictures are snapped, the field dressing is complete and you leave the deer drag in your pack as you proudly grab a fistful of antler for the haul out. Hesitation, however, momentarily creeps in as you wonder “What if this antler pulls off?”

With his unorthodox silo set-up the hunter manages to attract some decent deer activity, one of which is a dandy buck.

The well-placed shot leads to a short and successful recovery but to the surprise of the retrieving group of hunters the buck has lost one of his antlers. Still proud of his success the hunter attempts to lift the deer’s head in victory but unfortunately only lifts the one remaining antler.

Seems like a perfect set up for a “I swear these were his antlers” campfire tale, doesn’t it?

Luckily for the hunter it was all captured on video.


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Could the Buck in This Video Technically Count as a Doe?