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YouTube: 22plinkster

Belt-Fed, Full-Auto Pellet Gun is Brilliantly Awesome

This full auto pellet gun could be one of the greatest ideas of all time.

Not everyone can own a fully automatic firearm. But anyone can own this awesome belt-fed, 15-grain, .22-caliber pellet rifle.

This is one of those new products you never knew you needed until you see it in action. This is the Air Ordnance SMG 22.

This isn't the Gamo, Daisy or Crosman air rifle you hunted squirrels with in your youth. Watch 22plinkster give the SMG 22 a test spin in the video below.

"It looks like a speargun and a tommy gun had a baby!" Yep, we have to agree with that sentiment 22plinkster! We think it's the ammo drum that makes this gun so closely resemble the Thompson submachine gun.

We dig it! Granted, this airgun doesn't have a lot of practical applications. It couldn't be used in airsoft and there are probably technicalities in most states' laws that would prohibit using this for hunting. Still, this thing just looks like too much fun, doesn't it?

Who wouldn't enjoy a full-auto pellet gun? The SMG 22 definitely appears to take plinking to a whole new level. Air Ordinance's website says this gun fires pellets at up to 600 fps, which is nothing to sneeze at.

This pellet gun is sold with picatinny rails so you can customize it to your heart's content. Add a little red dot sight for even more accuracy from the rifled barrel. For power, they give multiple options. You can use HPA, nitrogen or CO2. Air Ordnance also sells a speed loader to help fill the belt quickly. Because with full auto, you're going to go through ammo a lot faster than your standard semi-automatic air pistols or rifles.

As he says in the video, part of the novelty here is likely just being able to say you own a belt-fed gun. The only downside we see is in the price. Costing more than $500, this is one expensive pellet gun!