stolen buck

Help This Pennsylvania Woman Find Her Stolen 12-Point Buck

Help find this buck someone stole from a meat market in broad daylight.

Abby Hiles' joy in having taken an awesome non-typical buck on opening morning of Pennsylvania's firearms season quickly turned into a nightmare. Someone stole her prized 12-pointer's head and antlers from a meat market.

She has since taken to the internet to try and spread the word and hopefully track down the thief or thieves responsible.

"It makes me sick to have too post this," she wrote in a Facebook post. "But my buck was stolen from Schnur's Custom Meat Market in Herman. In broad daylight. I know it's a long shot to try and find it. But it would be greatly appreciated if we can try. No one can take the joy of this morning hunt, pictures and the memories made."

Pittsburgh Action News reports someone brazenly cut off the buck's head while the deer was waiting for processing at the meat market.

The thief may have used one of the saws the business keeps out for customers to cut the antlers off their deer.

The butcher shop charges to cut heads and antlers off, so some customers do the job themselves. But this is the first time anyone has stolen a set of antlers, according to the owners.

"I want her to get her head back," the meat market owner Joyce Schnur told Pittsburg Action News. "She deserves it. He stole from a girl. Bring it back."

The butcher shop plans to install security cameras in the future. They want to get the word out that they won't ask any questions if someone returns the head.

Meanwhile Hiles' Facebook post has gone wildly viral, racking up more than 6,000 shares. She and her boyfriend have also been spreading the word to area taxidermists.

Fortunately, the buck has a very distinctive rack, which should make it difficult to hide. Let's help spread the word and get this woman her trophy back!

Don't lose hope yet, Abby. Back in February, an Oklahoma hunter reunited with the stolen antlers of a big buck he shot.