Sequoyah County Times

Oklahoma Hunter to Be Re-United with Stolen Antlers Found in Drug Raid

This dentist will get his buck back after he reported it stolen a while back.

Antler thefts aren't anything new. But in most cases, the antlers aren't generally recovered and hunters are left with nothing but memories of the hunt.

During a recent drug raid in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, sheriff's deputies discovered drugs and stolen items in a house in Sallisaw. Among the stolen items, deputies discovered several sets of deer antlers including one very nice 160-inch set.

Suspecting the antlers were also stolen, they called in game warden Jerry Henry for further investigation. He recognized the larger set as one that had been reported stolen, and after comparing photos, they found they had a match.


The big buck belongs to Dr. Logan Coffee, a dentist who had never expected to see his prize buck's antlers again after they were stolen while waiting to be mounted by Chris Reese.

"Chris called me and said they had been stolen. I didn't think I would ever see them again," Coffee told the Sequoyah County Times.

At the time, the experience must have been especially painful considering the long history the dentist had with the animal.

"I was really disappointed because I had been watching this buck for three years," Coffee said. "It's not every day you get a deer with total measurements of 160 inches."

The rack is currently being held in evidence. Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane expects there will be further arrests in the case, but the good news is Coffee will be getting his prized buck back. Chalk one up for the good guys!