Rifle Buried
YouTube: Coyote Works

Man Digs Up and Tests Rifle Buried in Bug Out Cache For a Year

Can you really bury a rifle in a cache for a year?

Even casual preppers have probably at least heard suggestions about having an emergency rifle in a cache for a SHTF scenario. It seems more people want to try it so they have a firearm they can go and access if they have to leave their home in a hurry. Especially if they do not have time to gather a weapon on their way out the door. The most popular way of stashing them seems to be burying them in a location that only you can find.

Of course, with that idea comes all sorts of questions. How do you pack it to keep it from being ruined by the elements? Will a properly packed rifle really still work after being buried under ground for a long time?

YouTuber Coyote Works decided to risk a rather nice Ruger 10/22 to find out for himself. This should give you some ideas on how to prepare this kind of cache.

Well, there you have it. It seems a rifle can survive being buried for almost a year and a half with no issues. Keep in mind that it looks like fairly dry high desert where he buried this 10/22. You might need to use extra protection and caution in an area that gets more rains or is just generally more humid. Northern climates where there is a lot of snow should expect a lot more prep work to make this kind of thing work.

In any case, it was a fascinating experiment. The 10/22 is an excellent choice for a survival/bug out gun too since it is a versatile and reliable rimfire gun. It seems a buried gun bugout cache can work if done properly and will give a little extra peace of mind that you have a firearm you can reach that no one else knows about.

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