Venomous Snakes Found Hiding in Pool Noodles

This Arizona fire department warned local residents to check their pool noodles for snakes.

Summer is full of surprises, but usually good ones.

However, that wasn't the case for this family in Arizona, who found a venomous snake was setting up shop in a pool noodle.

Before kicking back and relaxing near your pool this summer, keep this story in mind.

Arizona firefighters are warning families to be on the lookout after a family accidentally stumbled upon rattlesnakes. When someone picked up one of their pool noodle, a large rattlesnake fell out. And, they realized later that several baby snakes were still inside.

With the temperatures being so high in Arizona this time of the year, it's only natural for these snakes to be looking for a cool place to stay. Snakes will typically seek out dark spaces, so it's best to keep your pool toys elevated or in some type of sealed container. Snake fences are also an option for people who want to go above and beyond.

As the Facebook post said, the best way to handle rattlesnakes is by backing away slowly, so always try to avoid panicking!

Be sure to stay safe this summer and check your pool noodles just in case!