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Maryland Has a New Snakehead Record

These things are turning into sport fish here in the United States. 

Officially listed as an invasive species, the snakehead is slithering its way all across the eastern U.S. From Maryland to Florida, these fish are veracious predators and seem to be spreading rapidly. Once they're in a body of water, they quickly become the top predator and change the whole chemistry of the environment. Still, though, that doesn't stop people from fishing for them.

Now, thanks to 41-year-old Andrew "Andy" Fox of Mechanicsville, Maryland has a new snakehead record.

record snakehead
Maryland Department of Natural Resources

It's easy to see why they call these things snakeheads! Measuring out to just over 35 inches and weighing in at just under 20 pounds, it beat the old record by 2 pounds. Andy Fox was fishing Mattawoman Creek in Charles County when he saw the big fish. Using a bow, he took the fish quickly, thinking right away that it was a record. It turned out his intuition was correct and now he's in the record books. 


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Maryland Has a New Snakehead Record