YouTube: Tim Farmer

Here's the Secret to Perfectly Fried Fish

Perfectly fried fish is not just a myth. 

We all know what fish tastes like when it isn't cooked the right way. It can be soggy, tough, pungent, stringy and just gross. However, when you have somebody who knows how to cook a great fried fish recipe, people will come from across town to get in on the action.

Just check out this recipe from Tim Farmer. He even busts out a secret ingredient that you'll want to give some special attention.

Watch the video below:

So, that looks amazing, right? However, what do you think about the mustard-and-hot-sauce idea? Before this cooking video, I'd never heard of or seen that technique used with fried fish. Mustard is used a lot as a base or a coat for some meats, but with fish? I guess we're all just going to have to try it and find out.

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