gag grouper
Jim Lasher second on the left

Chef Catches State-Record Gag Grouper, Certifies it, Then Makes Fish Tacos

If you're going to keep a record gag grouper, you might as well eat it. 

Someone just caught a record 54-pound, 4-ounce gag grouper off the South Carolina coast. Jim Lasher was the lucky fisherman who set hooks into this beast, approximately 40 miles off the coast of Charleston. Lasher, a chef by trade, knew there was only one thing to do with his fish. Well, actually there were two. The first task was getting it certified, as everyone on the boat knew it was a big fish. The second, and perhaps the most obvious for a chef, was turning that fish into some delicious fish tacos. 

"We knew it was big grouper or a big snapper," Lasher said in an interview. "Somehow we got him to come out, and he came up."

A wildlife biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources did confirm the catch. After an official scale showed the weight, it beat the old record of 48 pounds, 8 ounces pretty easily.

As mentioned above, it was reported Lasher then smoked his fish and made some pretty mean tacos for the entire crew and his friends.