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How to Fillet a Bass the Boneless Way


If you're going to fillet a bass, you should do it like this. 

I was flying home from a Colorado fishing trip recently when the guy sitting next to me coincidentally started talking about bass fishing. As I came to find out, he owned a pond that was overfilled with bass.

He made the comment that this was the year he was going to start keeping some and cooking them. His biggest objection was that he felt guilty doing it. When I stumbled upon this video, it just made me think of him.

With that in mind, if you find yourself in a similar situation and wondering how to fillet a bass, here's how to go about it.


You have to admit, that kid had some skills with a knife. It was a nice bass, too!

I don't keep many fish. To be honest, it's probably been 15 years since I've kept any fish to eat. Keeping bass is a taboo subject, but this technique sure makes it look easy to fillet one should you ever decide to cook one up.

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