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VanDam Officially Best Bass Fisherman Ever, Takes 25th Elite Series Win

This ends the debate, if there even still is one at this point. 

If you ask 100 people who the best bass fisherman of all time is, 99 of them are going to say Kevin VanDam. That other person might say Rick Clunn. Before VanDam, Clunn was the undisputed top dog. Now, though, VanDam has become the Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and Wayne Gretzky of bass fishing, all rolled into one. After this latest win—his 25th career total—we may never see a bass fisherman of this caliber again.

It was just last year many were saying VanDam was on his downward slide of competitive angling, as he found himself in a drought. Five years had passed since he had a win. However, since that time, he's won five tournaments in the B.A.S.S. circuit. Now at number 25, he has 10 more wins than Rick Clunn, who is second on the career totals list. One of the few other records Clunn still has on VaDam is his total Classic appearances. As of today, VanDam has 27 and Clunn has 32. They both have four Classic wins each, tied for the record.

Now 50 years old, it sure doesn't seem like VanDam is going to be slowing down any time soon.