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Muskie Fishing Coming in Hot on the Fly

muskie fishing

This is stuff you can only dream about when it comes to muskie fishing on the fly. 

Muskie fishermen are a special breed. The pain and punishment they put themselves through to catch a fish is borderline insane. Now, just imagine doing that same thing with a fly rod. That right there is a special kind of torture. However, sometimes, very rarely, it all comes together. Just check out this video posted on Instagram by logangarrett15.

As you're about to to see, he had a camera strapped to himself when a nice muskie followed in hot on a fly. After that, it chased his fly around an eight a few times, then eventually committed.

Yep, that's some good stuff right there. A lot of muskies get caught on figure eights. It one part of muskie fishing that all anglers have to master on their first day on the water. Adding in the complexities of a fly rod only makes this fundamental technique that much more important.

I have to admit, this video is sort of inspiring. I've been chasing muskies on the fly for a few years now with some mild success. Spring is just getting started and seeing something like this gets me itching to go.


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Muskie Fishing Coming in Hot on the Fly