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These Guys Guide for Roosterfish Using Kayaks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica fishing guides

So you think you want to fish the jungle? You might as well do it on a kayak with these Costa Rican fishing guides.

For most people who fly fish, roosterfish are some of the most sought-after saltwater fish there are. As they're known for their fight, they inhabit waters from the eastern Pacific to southern California, all the way down to Peru. As it seems, though, people are starting to fish for these incredible fish with fly rods and traditional gear in fairly untraditional ways. For example, Jesse Males, a founder and guide for 506 Outdoors, is taking people out to chase these things on paddle boards and kayaks.

Just check out this video below and see how crazy this is. It's not just roosters, though. They're after tuna and a variety of saltwater species, too. Use caution, though, as there's some harsh language.

Any fishing video that incorporates Rage Against The Machine as the featured background music is OK with me.

If you plan on heading down and trying to find some Costa Rican fishing guides any time soon, make sure you reach out! They are taking clients now.

Think you could handle some of these fish on a kayak or a paddle board?


These Guys Guide for Roosterfish Using Kayaks in Costa Rica