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Guy Cleans Catfish and Cottonmouth Falls Out

cotton mouth

This isn't what you expect to see when you're filleting a fish. 

I was muskie fishing with my dad a few years ago when he hooked into a massive 52-inch fish. When we got it in the net, we could feel a 12-14 inch fish in its belly. It was actually protruding to the point it was hard to miss.

With that in mind, we know big fish eat big things. However, did you know big catfish eat full-grown adult cottonmouths? The lady in this video sort of freaked out about it. But truth be told, I probably would've, too.

Watch the video below:

Thankfully, that big snake was dead. If it was still alive, I could only imagine would've come out of the gut pile ready for a fight.

You always see pictures floating around in the spring showing off bass or other fish with snakes sticking out of their gullets. Apparently, there is some legitimacy to it. The next time you catch a big fish and plan of filleting it, you might want to watch its belly first and make sure there isn't something moving around in there.



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Guy Cleans Catfish and Cottonmouth Falls Out