catch more fish

Want to Catch More Fish? Hank Patterson Shares His Secrets

There is only one way to catch more fish. 

In a revolutionary video, world-renowned fly fisherman and guide Hank Patterson shares his personal secrets on how to catch more fish. Really, his entire formula is pretty simple. All it takes is just to be at the right place at the right time. Oh, and you also have to be the first person there. Once those three things fall in line, everything else just makes sense. However, a fishing buddy, adds an entirely new problem to the formula.

Here, just let Hank explain his secrets himself. He just has a way of going about it that anyone can understand.

There were a few moments there, my mind was officially blown. As they say, the only way to truly get better at fly fishing is to fish with people who are truly better than you. In Hank's case, that might be hard to come by, but for us, we can at least learn from the helpful videos he often puts out there.

So, let's recap. In order to catch more fish, you need to be the first person at the right time and at the right place. You also need a rod vault so you can be ready quickly when you get to the water to beat your buddy.

OK, let's go fishing!