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Brandon Palaniuk and Huk Fishing Present 'Mind of a Champion'

Brandon Palaniuk

Short fishing films are a dime a dozen these days, but this one stands out above the rest. 

Brandon Palaniuk is a professional fisherman who chases bass at the highest level. He has partnered with HUK for some time now, and seemingly since then, his achievements have really taken off. With 90 total BASS tournaments to his credit, seven Classic appearances, three-first place finishes, and over $1 million in career earnings, you could say he's doing well.

Now, HUK has created a short film showcasing Palaniuk and exactly what makes him tick. It's always fascinating to get inside the mind of a professional who succeeds at a high level. As you're about to find out, they're just different than the rest of us.

Pretty cool, right? There are millions of bass fishermen all over the world. However, very few can make it at this level. There's an even smaller percentage of them who stand even higher than the rest. Those are fishermen who go down in history as the best to ever do it. Will Palaniuk stand on that podium with so many icons when he's all done? It's hard to tell now, as he's just getting started.


Brandon Palaniuk and Huk Fishing Present 'Mind of a Champion'