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This is How You Fish 'The Mid'

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake is like no other body of water in the U.S. when it comes to huge trout. 

The Lahontan cutthroat is one of the older trout species in the U.S. It just so happens that Pyramid lake, located just outside of Reno, Nevada, has some monsters living its depths. The world record came from these waters, measuring out to over 41 pounds. No matter where you are, that's one huge cutthroat. So, if you couldn't already guess, if you want to catch some huge cutties, you need to fish "The Mid." 

Just check out this video and see for yourself. This is how you get it done

For such a long, large lake, as you just heard, it's fairly easy to fish. Just wade out a little bit, get on the shelf that surrounds the entire lake, and cast, cast, cast. Streamers are the name of the game on these waters.

Really big fly rods are key, too. As most say, anything that's a stout 6wt and up should work. Also, sinking tip line is huge. Your streamers have to get down there pretty deep.

From there, it's anyones guess as to how big of a cutthroat the Mid is going to give up. You just have to fish it to find out.


This is How You Fish 'The Mid'