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Bizarre Sea Creature Washed Ashore Down in Georgia

Is this sea creature for real? 

When it comes to monster stories, there's usually very little evidence to back up whatever it was the witness encountered. However, down in St. Simons Island, Georgia, there's all sorts of evidence to back up this claim.

As a matter of fact, there's a body. Fairly little is known about the sea creature in the photo, but if it is real, it looks like it could be a species no one's seen before.

Do you think this is real or just a very elaborate hoax?

If it isn't real, that sure is one good-looking fake. According to the story, Jeff Warren and his son were walking along the beach at Wolf Island Natural Wildlife refuge when they spotted the washed up sea creature. Warren said it was around 5 feet long with two distinct fins and a mouth covered in very small teeth.

Since Warren released the picture, state officials have attempted to collect the body, but it's now gone missing. The state has contacted Warren, but there's been no report of where the body went. What seems strange about this creature is it fits the exact description of a local, legendary sea creature on the island, which is sort of the town mascot.

As of now, it's hard telling whether or not it's real. Until the body is actually recovered, most are going to file this in the "fake" category.

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