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Remember When Fishermen Found a 16-Foot Frozen Snake in Ohio?

16 foot long frozen snake found
Screenshot: FOX 8 Cleveland

Can you imagine finding a 16-foot frozen snake?

Well, that's exactly what these Ohio fishermen found in the Chagrin River.

Note to readers: it's worthwhile to mention that although the newscaster in the video below refers to the snake as a "boa constrictor," boas don't tend to get this big.

The snake is more likely another type of constrictor, such as a python.

This story is out of my own backyard here in Northeastern Ohio. While fishing the Chagrin River, two steelhead fishermen experienced the catch of a lifetime.

Angler Sam Lincoln posted photos of the beast on Instagram with the caption: "When you're trying to swing up some holiday steel and you don't catch any fish but you catch a 16-foot constrictor instead."

While warmer regions like Florida have become overrun with invasive pet snakes, they don't live long when released into norther climates.

The errant snake owners should feel very guilty for this huge snake's death. If you can't take care of them, give them to an animal shelter. Worse yet, what if that snake would have injured or killed someone over the summer? There are certainly no winners in this story, other than the anglers, who caught one heck of a catch.



Remember When Fishermen Found a 16-Foot Frozen Snake in Ohio?