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University Fishing Team Pair Gets Their Boat Rammed on Fort Cobb Lake

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Two SWOSU fishing team members were attacked on Fort Cobb Lake in Oklahoma. Police are investigating.

Two Southwestern Oklahoma State University students--Jacob Russell and Jacob McClendon--were out for some practice on Fort Cobb Lake in Caddo County, Oklahoma when a pair of lawbreakers began to ram their boat.

In the video, you can see a different boat slamming into Russell's boat, multiple times with no quarter. According to KFOR Russell said, "I couldn't really believe it was going on. It was crazy, really."

To really get a feel for what happened you need to watch this short video, but beware: there is some graphic language used. McClendon said later, "It scared me. I thought about jumping in there and was like, 'Better not.'"

Warning: graphic language in the video

We need help finding these two guys. Yesterday evening @juhcobbrussell was fishing at Ft.Cobb Lake around the golf course marina when these two guys began harassing them and damaging his boat. Supposedly they work for the marina. Any leads can be sent directly to @juhcobbrussell . Warning...explicit language. Thanks for the help.

Posted by Zack Birge Fishing on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The marina where the attack took place on the two fishing team members posted a statement to their social media account saying:

"Regarding the events that took place Tuesday evening 8/27/2019. The Park Ranger, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Caddo County Sherriff Department, and Oklahoma Game Wardens are aware of the situation and began an investigation immediately following the incident. There were no Sunset Cove Marina or Fort Cobb State Park employees involved in the incident. All involved were immediately interviewed and all eyewitnesses statements were taken (of the entire situation that occurred). We have contacted customers who have boats in our slips to please come and inspect their vessels for any damage the two individuals fishing caused prior to the video. Contact the State Park Ranger in regards to any reports of damage so that he can get his reports to the D.A."

The two teen bass fishermen, both freshman at SWOSU, have filed a police report with the OHP. Said McClendon, "I hope they get what they deserve."

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University Fishing Team Pair Gets Their Boat Rammed on Fort Cobb Lake