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Who Will Win the Dude Perfect Bass Fishing Battle?

Dude Perfect

Here's what happens when the Dude Perfect gang gets together for the bass fishing battle of the century. It's some next level stuff!

You probably know Dude Perfect from their trick shots videos, but when the group of best friends get together for some outdoor rec, anything can happen.

And it usually does, especially during their self-proclaimed bass fishing battle. First, check out the gear: a regular rod and reel, a Dude Perfect kid's rod, a cane pole, one deep sea rig, a hand casting spool, and an RC boat.

Each fisherman must first catch a fish on one rig before moving on to the next. It isn't a quest for big fish, which is probably a good thing... Just some good ol' competitive fun!

All kidding aside, here's some of the most fun that you can watch on one fishing video with some great entertaining fishing ideas from the DP Squad.

And the final result is... well the twins caught zero fish and that's comical all by itself, but Ty and Gary are in the final and it's anybody's tournament. Final result: it's Ty by one nice bucket mouth!

Listening to "King of the Mountain" by Louis II made it even better, but enjoying the boys from Dude Perfect having some fun on the water was just as good. This has got to be some of the absolute best family-friendly entertainment you can come across in the outdoor YouTube world! They're the perfect team to do this sort of thing.

What was better, watching them try to catch fish on the handline or the RC boat? Well, we already know the answer so we'll meet you at the model shop.

Oh, and along with all the other merch, Dude Perfect offers signature fishing poles for sale. The group definitely knows how to go big!

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Who Will Win the Dude Perfect Bass Fishing Battle?