Angry Boater on Lake St. Clair Goes Over the Line, Crashes Into Yacht

An obviously angry boater on Lake St. Clair almost docked on a yacht, and it was all caught on video.

There are two sides to every story, so take what you see here with a grain of salt to begin with. Having said that, there can be no excuse for this kind of behavior on the water where everyone's safety is at stake. According to a report, "The couple on the large boat, who do not want their identity revealed for fear of retribution, told WXYZ they do not know the man on the boat who attacked them and they were on their way back to the dock when they noticed him following them."

At issue is the appearance of a small craft coming up from behind the much larger vessel, all having been recorded on Lake St. Clair which borders the state of Michigan and Ontario, Canada. It's obvious that when the man in the smaller boat gets close, he's quite upset. His actions show a complete disregard for safety.

The question remains: what is it that occurred to make the man so angry? Did the larger craft get too close? Was the small craft endangered in some way? Was the man simply drunk?

Here's the reaction:

Warning: graphic language used in the video

I've been the victim of careless boater before, and the result was nearly deadly. There's no telling at this time what it was that set the man off, but his reaction on this busy lake is dead-wrong.

Take some photos or video, call the police or the Coast Guard, but never react in such a way that could get yourself severely injured or worse!

What do you think happened to the man in the small boat to make him react that way?

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