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Harassed While Fishing: Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

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Have you ever been harassed while fishing?

There are opinions, and there are laws. Knowing the difference can make or break a great angling experience, and it's up to the fisherman to know where he stands.

The worse thing that an angler or even a hunter can do is to come across as angry or defiant when confronted, but it still happens sometimes. The best option that we have is to know the facts, and even the fisherman gets them wrong sometimes!

When it comes to the law, it is pretty much black and white for all to see. Angler Travis Manson has seen this situation a few times in his career--as have many of us--and he has a few good things to share about his experience.

Take a quick look at his video and we'll discuss:

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One of the best things that he said was the fact that not all states share the same rules when it comes to what kind of areas are considered fishable, and whether or not they are considered private property.

He kept his cool, as did the man that "harassed" him, it's just that the other guy didn't really have a lot to say, nor did he do it in a combative way. And that's the biggest key for both sides: remain calm.

Just to be sure about things. I have had this issue in the past and I've said basically the same thing to someone trying to boot me out of a perfectly legal fishing area: call the police, and we'll both talk to them together.

You would be surprised at how that deflates the situation as the harasser's usually don't want to be told by an ECO that they are wrong.

Bottom line: know the law before you wet the line!

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Harassed While Fishing: Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?