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Mike Iaconelli Gets Heated With Local Fisherman: 'You Don't Own the Water, Bro'

The argument over territory is one that will never seem to die within the fishing community. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself on—the encroaching or the encroached on—it's undoubtedly uncomfortable to find yourself arguing when you're trying to blow off some steam. And, odds are, if you spend enough time on the water, it's bound to happen to you eventually. Here we see an example of just that, as veteran pro angler Mike Iaconelli finds himself in a heated back-and-forth with a fellow angler somewhere on the Potomac River. From what we hear in the video, it appears Iaconelli wasn't actually fishing, but rather attempting to map along a weed edge prior to an upcoming tournament. However, another man trying to fish the same cover leaves viewers struggling to determine which party was in the wrong in this particular exchange.

Watch the video below:

It appears that the other angler was sore because Iaoconelli had stirred up all the mud in the section the he was about work toward, for which "Ike" was immediately apologetic, and adamant that he gave the guy a wide berth—50-80 yards around him—but the other angler was still worked up about the whole thing.

Ike is well known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, and he was showing signs of it in the video. Anytime you have one angler who is already on a spot and another comes in, you'll have a dispute like this. It's a tough situation when a veteran pro like Iaconelli, who only wanted to map the area, and a local angler, who only wanted to fish, meet in this way. In the man's defense, he didn't fly off the handle, and Ike apologized up and down. What do you think? Was the local man right to be mad about another angler idling around his spot, or should he have just let it go?