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Mike Iaconelli Gets Heated With Local Fisherman: 'You Don't Own the Water, Bro'

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YouTube: Mike Iaconelli Fishing

Veteran pro angler Mike Iaconelli had a heated argument with a local fisherman while fishing the Potomac River. Here's what happened.

In the annals of angling, the argument over territory is an old one. Whether you find yourself fishing too close to someone or vice versa, odds are an exchange like this one will occur.

It seems Mike was trying to map the weed edge and wasn't even fishing at the time when he tried to skirt another man working the same cover.

The other guy wasn't happy about it. This is what happened:

It appears that the other angler was sore because Iaoconelli had idled by trying to map the weed edge and stirred up the mud in areas the fisherman was working towards and still hadn't cast. Mike was immediately apologetic.

Iaconelli was adamant that he gave the guy a wide berth: 50-80 yards around him, but the other angler was still worked up about the whole thing.

"Ike" is well known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, and he was showing signs of it in the video. Anytime you have one angler who is already on a spot and another comes in, you'll have a dispute like this.

It's a tough situation when a veteran pro like Iaconelli, who only wanted to map the area, and a local angler, who only wanted to fish, meet in this way. In the man's defense, he didn't fly off the handle, and Ike apologized up and down.

What do you think? Was the local man right to be mad about another angler idling around his spot, or should he have just let it go?

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Mike Iaconelli Gets Heated With Local Fisherman: 'You Don't Own the Water, Bro'