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10 Weekend Fishing Trips to Say Goodbye to Summer [PICS]

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You should seriously consider one of these fishing trips before summer comes to an end. 

The end of summer is fast upon us, unfortunately. However, if you play your cards right, there is a whole year’s worth of fishing left to do. Depending on where you live, some of the best weekend fishing trips in country could be just a short drive away.

The following weekend fishing trips offer a fairly large diversity of fishing tactics and species to chase. Each has their own unique challenges to find success, but if you give one of these a try, it just might make your summer.

1. Lake St. Claire, Michigan

Considered by many to be the very best bass fishing lake in the United State, Lake St. Claire is a gold mine of fishing opportunities in late summer.

Muskies are beginning to hit the feed bag and smallmouth are crushing anything that moves that they can fit in their mouth. This is a big body of water so hiring a guide might be your best bet at getting the most out of this trip.

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2. Cades Cove, Tennessee

Abrams Creek, that flows through Cades Cove located in the Smokey Mountains, has a trout population that hit dry flies all day long.

As the summer days start getting shorter, and bug hatches start to take off again, those trout are even easier to catch. Don’t expect big trout. However, wild mountain trout have an allure all their own.

3. New River, West Virginia

As far as river smallmouth go, you won’t find a better one in the country. During the summer months they can be caught just about any way you want to catch a fish.

From fly rods, to ultra lights, to everything in between, a big smallmouth will be there waiting to put your line to the test. If you get lucky, you might even lock onto a muskie.

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4. Port Sulphur, Louisiana 

If ocean fishing is your game, then head to the bayou and crush some redfish. Multiple guides and charters are waiting on your phone call to pick a weekend date.

You can pick your poison of chasing them with a baitcaster or fly rod, but whatever you pick, you will be in for a fight.

5. Dream Stream, Colorado

Do you want big trout? No, like seriously big cutbows and browns? Then head to the Dream Stream located between Spinney and Elevenmile Reservoirs near South Park, also known as the Spinney Mountain State Wildlife Area.

This 3.8-mile stream is incredible and big hoppers will be on the menu for every trout in that water.

Brad Smith

6. Clackamas River, Oregon

If you know fishing, then you know Oregon is famous for steelhead. During the summer months, a summer run species spreads all across the state and looking to pack on weight.

The Clackamas river just might have one of the best runs of all the rivers in the region. If you find your way to the Pacific Northwest, this one is worth your time.

7. Yuba Reservoir, Utah

Catching big northern pike are hard to turn down anywhere, but they are especially hard to turn down on the Yuba Reservoir.

When it comes to catching northerns, Utah is often not high on the list, but it probably should be. The best part about pike fishing, they are very aggressive and readily eat most lures. Finding a pattern this time of year should be fairly easy.  

Utah Still Waters

8. Sam Rayburn, Texas 

Catfish are the fish of choice for many Americans, and that especially holds true in Texas. Sam Rayburn Reservoir has produced some of the biggest catfish in the U.S., and there is probably a new world record swimming in that body of water right now.

What better way to cap off the summer than setting hooks into a 50-plus-pound blue catfish?

9. Corps Reservoirs, Missouri 

Carp are quickly finding a special place in the hearts and minds of fisherman all over the country. However, if you live near Missouri, they just might be near the top of your favorite fish list.

Corps Reservoir has a population of carp that tend to act like those big water carp of Lake Michigan. You can find schools of these fish all along the bank and many of them are big enough that you better be prepared before you set the hook.

The Fish Hunter Chronicles

10. Devils Lake, North Dakota

How can a summer fishing list be complete without walleye? If walleye is a fish you want to pursue before the leaves start to turn, then do yourself a favor and look towards Devils Lake. This body of water is famous for its overabundance of walleye that fall in that perfect sub three-pound range for eating.

We still have a long way to go before we have to start worrying about bringing coats out in the boat or packing an extra sweater for sitting on the bank, but hopefully this short list might get you thinking about a few places you might be able to visit.

Excellent bodies of water abound all over the U.S. but finding the motivation to go fish them can often be a challenge.

Hopefully, you can still swing one of the bodies of water on this list. If you do, maybe you can even turn it into a new yearly tradition. Good luck!

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10 Weekend Fishing Trips to Say Goodbye to Summer [PICS]