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This Underwater Camera Makes a Great Tool for Catching Fat Smallmouth Bass

Watch how combining an underwater camera and an Acme Hyper-Glide lure make a deadly combination for catching smallies through the ice.

It's early March and minus twenty-three degrees in Manitoba, Canada, but that isn't stopping Aaron Wiebe from heading out to try to catch some chunky smallmouth bass. So, he loads up his snowmobile with ice fishing gear, an underwater camera, a positive attitude and heads out onto the ice.

He's using an Aqua-Vu underwater camera rather than a flasher unit to try to find lake bottom transitions and exact bottom content, and to actually, physically look for fish in this large, relatively shallow basin lake.

He does a lot of moving around, a lot of hole drilling, and a lot of looking at the camera screen. He finds a spot where the boulders are large, and then he suddenly sees three or four fat smallmouth swimming right by the camera. This is the spot.

He ties on a Hyper-Glide, a newly released bait from the Acme Tackle Company. This is an interesting lure, in that it is a slow falling, gliding artificial but also when you jig it two mechanical "wings" are activated to give the appearance of greater life and actively moving fish fins.

Wiebe uses this lure exclusively and in combination with an underwater camera to target and focus in on the smallmouth that are in the area. He can actually watch just how the smallies react to the Hyper-Glide and tailor how he works the lure to their attitude and positions. It is sight fishing in 16 feet of water.

It's a fascinating use of technology, and a good tutorial on how to employ it in a real-life fishing situation. Wiebe of course also gives some good instructional information on other parts of his gear. That's one of the things I like about Uncut Angling videos: there's always plenty of good humored instruction.

He catches several modestly sized but hefty smallmouth, but is unable to entice any burbot that he sees swimming by the camera as well. Still, I'd call this a very good day of ice fishing.

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