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Drop Shot Fishing for Fat Smallmouth Bass in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin [VIDEO]

A drop shot rig is a simple and effective rig for smallmouth.

Aaron Wiebe from Uncut Angling is doing a little pre-tournament smallmouth fishing in Sturgeon Bay. He’s fishing some pretty clear and shallow water in Sand Bay in the bay of Green Bay.

Wiebe is working the rock and sand edges with a drop shot set-up, which, as he indicates, is usually employed as a deeper water rig.

But, he says, “Anytime you need a finesse presentation to really hold a bait in a fish’s face,” drop shot fishing is a good option to consider.

After giving props to the Jackall Cross Tail Shad as “THE most effective drop shot bait,” Wiebe explains the drop shot rig.

At its most basic, a drop shot rig is nothing more than a hook and bait suspended approximately 14 inches above a weight snapped to the end of your line.

There are a few subtle variations to the rig that are worth educating yourself about (and there are tons of online resources to help you do just that). Those variables include things like hook, weight, line and rod selection. In this video, Wiebe is favoring a Loomis IMX 822S DSR 6’10” Extra Fast rod.

The hook is generally an octopus hook. It is tied to the line with a Palomar knot and is situated horizontally to the line, barb-side up. You position the knot horizontally by running the tag end of the Palomar knot back down through the eye of the hook. Plastics or live bait are then used.

Whatever tackle variables you may employ, once you’ve got everything properly set up, the presentation is usually a subtle jiggle for a period of time – 15-30 seconds in this case – before retrieving the rig several feet and repeating. It is indeed a finesse presentation, as Wiebe indicates.

The fact the he caught a beautiful four- to five-pound smallie during the drop shot demonstration only confirms that drop shotting is a technique worth adding to your repertoire.

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Drop Shot Fishing for Fat Smallmouth Bass in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin [VIDEO]