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Fish-Spiration: This Guy's Smallmouth Bass Broke a 110-Year-Old Record

Michigan DNR

Remember this fish? The Michigan state smallmouth bass record stood unchallenged for over a century, until an absolute monster spectacularly knocked it from its 110-year-old perch.

On Oct. 18th, 2015, Gary Gasiciel of Rhodes, Michigan pulled a whale of a smallmouth bass from Hubbard Lake in northeast Michigan.

Gasiciel's giant weighed in at a jaw-dropping 9.33 pounds, beating the previous century-old record by a solid ounce (1.28 ounces to be precise).


Two days after Gasiciel caught, weighed, and measured the fish, the Michigan DNR confirmed it as the new smallmouth bass state record.

Gasiciel caught the behemoth by "bait-casting with a green grub" on the Alcona County lake.


DNR fisheries biologist Kathrin Schrouder verified and weighed the fish on a certified scale at 9.33 pounds.

The old record smallmouth bass - old by more than 110 years -  was a 9.25-pound smallie caught by W.F. Shoemaker way back in 1906. Shoemaker's fish was pulled from Long Lake in Cheboygan County.

Interestingly, Gasiciel's smallmouth was significantly shorter in length, measuring 24.5 inches, than Shoemaker's 27.25-incher.


Jim Dexter, Michigan DNR Fisheries Chief, noted in the agencies press release that, "This is additional evidence that Michigan truly has world-class bass fisheries. Smallmouth bass is one of the most popular, most sought-after sportfish in North America. Even though the Michigan state record stood for more than 100 years, we're excited to see the bar set even higher for those who set out to land this iconic fish."


The DNR press release also noted that Gasiciel's new record smallmouth is the sixth new Michigan state record fish registered in 2015.

Images from Michigan DNR

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Fish-Spiration: This Guy's Smallmouth Bass Broke a 110-Year-Old Record