9 Puppies Rescued From Tunnel 18 Feet Underground

Sweet stray puppies burrowed themselves into an underground cave, prompting rescuers to crawl inside to save them.

Hope for Paws rescuers perfectly executed an underground puppy rescue when they heard eight pups needed to be rescued. The rescue team was attending a fellow animal rescuers' funeral when they got the call and decided there was no better way to honor her memory than to head out and save these pups.

Gaining the Pups Trust

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When the animal rescue team arrived at the site, the momma pup could not be found. The pups were inside a cave between train tracks and a busy roadway. The first order of business was to get the scared little puppies to trust them; the team used a cheeseburger to try to get them to come out of the cave.

It worked at first, but the puppies became skittish and retreated into the far recesses of the cave. The rescuers could get a few more out, but the rest of the puppies retreated at least 18 feet inside the hole, making for a tricky underground puppy rescue.

Climbing In 

To safely rescue the pups, the rescuers dug out a new tunnel space so they could meet up with the pups hiding in the very back. Carefully, they dug so as not to collapse the tunnels. Then, one by one, the rescuer used his gentle lead to grab up the little puppies. Some of them were incredibly scared and even tried to bite the team. Others pups cried and cried because they had never been touched by people before. On a final check, they thought they saw one more pup. So, carefully, they coaxed out the last pup, who was scared and quiet.

All in all, it was a successful underground puppy rescue, albeit precarious at times.

The pups were checked out and went into a fostering situation with a surrogate dog mom. They stayed with her until they were adoptable pets. This way, they stayed out of the animal shelter and were ready for the adoption process!

About Hope For Paws

The non-profit organization, Hope for Paws, works to rescue dogs found on the streets, in caves, and even in wells. Their primary focus is on animal welfare and keeping these pups out of kill shelters, and other  Many of them go into foster homes where they are taken care of and raised until they can be set up for their forever home.

The pet rescue works with many partners to get these adoptable animals into loving homes with viable adopters.

Pet rescues often require a home visit to make sure the environment is suitable for your new best friend. Sometimes rescues hold adoption events where you can meet with the available dogs, and other times you can visit them on a one-on-one basis.

Adoption fees often vary by age. Younger pups generally have higher fees, while older pups have lower adoption fees. The pandemic brought about a surge in adoptions, but there are still plenty of pups out there needing a furever home. Many of the available breeds tend to be pit bulls and Chihuahuas.

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