Jason Aldean Adopts Puppy From Stray Rescue Of St. Louis

Stray Rescue Saint Louis has a celebrity adopter! Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany announced that they rescued a puppy who was found in a drainpipe. Ten puppies were stuck in a pipe on a super hot day and the rescue puppy they ended up with was 'hot dan' the dog and he is such a sweetie.

The Instagram post is adorable! She posted asking for name suggestions from fans. Many of the dog's siblings were still looking for their forever home so if you're in the area, please contact the rescue directly.

"Y'all...we have a new baby boy. We rescued him from @strayrescuestl ?? His brothers and sisters were all found in a drainpipe on an extremely hot day in St Louis."

The couple is also parents to Memphis and his little sister, Navy Rome.

These two are busy! Besides being at a concert in St. Louis and bringing home 'Hot Dan' they have a lot going on professionally.

Aldean is also planning to add a restaurant with Luke Bryan to his list of busy 2019 activities! The E3 Chophouse is the name of the joint and it sounds delicious.

A drainpipe is no place for a puppy!

We love that this fur baby went home with a celebrity.

Have you ever adopted a puppy from a rescue or shelter? Please let us know in the comments. 

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