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Two Texas Hunting Guides Indicted in Shooting After Blaming Immigrants

Two Texas hunting guides have been indicted on charges after what police are calling friendly fire, but blamed it on illegal immigrants.

As good as some bathroom reading materials get, this may be one story to make the first page.

It all started back on January 6th, when Presidio County Sheriffs Office responded to a report of a shooting on the Circle Dug Ranch.

Upon their arrival, emergency personnel found one of the hunting guides, Walker Daugherty and his client, Edwin Roberts, with gun shot wounds. Initially both guides, Daughtery and Michael Bryant, claimed they were under attack by illegal immigrants.

According to Dallas News they claimed that illegal immigrants were trying to take over their RV that Roberts and his wife were using to camp in. The initial report surfaced stating that the RV took upon fire from multiple assailants while Roberts and his wife were asleep. Daugherty, who was next door preparing dinner, after seeing what was happening, ran inside to get help. Daugherty and Bryant then, armed, attempted to stop the assailants from taking the RV with his clients inside. The RV was said to have multiple bullet holes throughout and the story, at the time, seemed to match up.

These claims spread through the media like wildfire, and the story had changed like a game of telephone throughout different media agencies covering the story.

There are so many things left unknown, but what we do know are these facts:

  • Both Michael Bryant and Walker Daugherty have been indicted by a grand jury.
  • Charges are of using deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others, which is a third degree felony.
  • Search of the perimeter of the property after the shooting resulted in no signs of anyone, including illegal immigrants

According to CBS7 Sheriff Danny Dominguez of Presidio County, states the investigation shows that Daugherty actually shot Roberts and Bryant shot Daugherty.

If you are just as confused as we are, that's ok, you are not alone. We will continue to monitor this story as it unfolds and release any additional information as deemed necessary.

Walker is currently in critical condition with an abdominal gun shot wound. Bryant was said to have been shot in the arm and will make a full recovery. This will be an interesting story as we know the who, but the why and the how may make it quite interesting.

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