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5 Best Bathroom Design Ideas for Man’s #1 Throne

Laughing Squid

Every man’s home is supposed to be his castle and every bathroom is the throne. Too many men have boring throne rooms.

Check out these ideas for turning your bathroom into a better throne.

1. The Best Faucet

Car Tire Sinks small

Turn your old tires and gas pumps into the coolest faucet and sink. A little diamond steel on the walls gives it a nice industrial look.

2. The Best Vanity

Wood Slab Sink
Dig’s Digs

This slab of wood is without a doubt the coolest vanity ever made. You can’t get much more manly than heavy chains and open piping, either.

3. The Best Toilet

Office Toilets

Okay, so the electronics are a little dated, but the cushions on this toilet would make for hours of reading comfort.

4. The Best Shower

Gas Mask Showerhead
Stories, Etc.

Aside from the feeling that you’re being watched, this speaks for itself.

5. The Best Urinal

Horm Urinal

Let’s face it, we all wonder why they don’t put urinals in every house. You can even recycle an old instrument.

Honorable Faucet Mention

Pistol Faucet
Media Cache

We would be remiss not to include this pistol faucet that is a must-have for gun enthusiasts.

There is no limitation to the abilities to increase the “cool factor” of our throne rooms, except for our imaginations. What is your coolest bathroom idea?

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5 Best Bathroom Design Ideas for Man’s #1 Throne