hockok45 concealed carry insurance

Gun Guru Hickok45 Shares Thoughts on Concealed Carry Insurance

Hickok45 weighs the pros and cons of a legal support system, sometimes known as concealed carry insurance, in the event you discharge your firearm in self defense.

Living in Illinois, it took  awhile before they legalized concealed carry, so I haven't had my license for very long. After I went through my class, I focused on training for situations, practicing and finding a good holster. There was a period of time to learn how to avoid mistakes and  get comfortable carrying a gun.

Ultimately, I started thinking about "what if." And that's where concealed carry insurance comes to mind.

Well-respected gun enthusiast Hickock45 shares his personal thoughts on concealed carry insurance.

So, why would you need concealed carry insurance?

If you have to discharge your firearm, it's going to change your life. But even if you are 100% in the right (and sometimes, even if you don't pull the trigger but draw your weapon) there is still a legal process that unfolds.

You will need a lawyer. All these self-defense insurance policies are designed to provide you with legal defense and full support for your aftermath of any incident.

A few benefits of a good concealed carry insurance policy:

  1. They assist with the legal cost which can get overwhelming for most people.
  2. You can quickly get in touch with the company and they send a legal team immediately. You don't have to try to find a lawyer and figure out if the lawyer is capable of handling this type of defense.
  3. They give you advice for dealing with police even before the lawyer arrives. How you answer questions at the time of the incident is critical.
  4. They provide education and training to help you deal with conflicts and avoid the incident. Ideally, we can neutralize a threat without firing our guns.
  5. Sometimes, they will provide services such as putting you in a hotel if you are out of your local area.
  6. Some companies will even help you deal with the press and political consequences when the anti-gun crowd comes swarming in.

What you need to know and why research is important

Keep in mind that most policies do not blindly cover legal costs. They usually will cover a legal retainer and then they will cover legal fees after the case.

Almost every policy I've seen will only cover you if you get acquitted of criminal charges. If you make a mistake or unjustified shooting, you will have to pay your own legal fees.

Policies usually have a cap on how much they'll cover, similar to any other kind of insurance.

Hickok45  made the point that he took a look at policy details but also looked at who was on the board of the organization. Looking at past cases can provide valuable insight.

Each individual needs to research these insurance policies and determine what works for them.  It may depend on how often you carry, where you live and whether you can afford premiums.

Even if you decide against concealed carry insurance, it's a good idea to have some money put aside and have an attorney in mind to handle a potential case.