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18 Valid Reasons Why I Carry a Gun

Truth About Guns

The world is unpredictable - here are 18 reasons to carry a gun. 

There are many valid reasons to carry a gun and thankfully some citizens are able to exercise concealed carry practices.

Since 2013, carrying a concealed handgun in public has been permitted in all 50 states so we've compiled an extensive list of 18 valid reasons people carry a gun.

1. Concealed handguns deter crime.

Gun Facts

States that implemented "shall-issue" concealed carry laws decreased murders by 8.5 percent.

2. As a responsible citizen, I have the right to arm myself against criminals with guns.

3. Carrying a handgun can protect people who cannot always rely on police forces for protection.

Wintery Knight

4. A concealed handgun could help stop a public shooting spree.

John R. Lott Jr., PhD studied states that passed the concealed carry laws during for 19 years. The number of multiple-victim public shootings declined by 84 percent.

5. My right to carry a gun could be lost if I don't practice it.

Federalist Papers

6. I'm a first responder.

Berretta's blog made a good point to say everyone is first responder. Whether you're in law enforcement or just a regular guy, you may be the first person at the scene unwillingly.

7. I just want to be safe.

The Well Armed Woman

8. It's vigilance, not paranoia.

People who aren't advocates of concealed carry might think individuals who carry a gun are paranoid. In reality, people who choose to carry guns don't do it because they live in fear, but because they want to take responsibility for their own safety.

9. Being armed makes unarmed citizens safer.


10. I have the right to choose to carry.

11. The world is not a safe place, and safety is not guaranteed.

12. Self protection is important.


13. I carry to protect my family and loved ones.

14. Physically, it's challenging to defend myself.

15. Training with a handgun can inform everyone and be sure they are well prepared.

training handguns
Level 1 Firearms

16. I'm more careful when carrying a gun.

When carrying a gun, avoiding trouble and taking the high road is the way to go.

17. My neighborhood can be dangerous.

18. Carrying is easier than ever with plenty of comfortable concealed holsters.

If you were considering to apply for a concealed carry permit these 18 valid reasons may help with your decision process.


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18 Valid Reasons Why I Carry a Gun