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These Two Creative Costumes Get Our Vote for Best of Halloween 2017

Valarie Padgett Waggoner/Facebook

Parents take note: the bar has been set high with these two outdoor-inspired outfits.

There's certainly nothing wrong with dressing up as a ghost or goblin when trick-or-treating on Halloween night. These costumes are classic standards, having stood the test of time for millions of candy-seeking children over the years.

But since we all love the outdoors (and we like to dress up to go hunting or fishing), we're giving the nod to these two kids' costumes as the most creative of 2017.

First up is little Camden the duck hunter. Attention to detail is beyond awesome here, all the way down to the Duck Commander Triple Threat call he's blowing into. Truth be told, I'm half expecting a duck to fly into his spread!


And here's a clip showing Camden working his magic on that call:

Posted by Valarie Padgett Waggoner on Friday, October 27, 2017

Next up is little AJ Graf, whose choice of costume this year was that of a professional bass fisherman. And honestly, that Ranger rig of his is something even I'm a little jealous of, not to mention his numerous sponsorship deals.

You look ready for the big leagues, AJ!


You have to give props to the creative parents behind these two awesome costumes! They've definitely set the bar high.

Did your son or daughter don an outdoor-themed outfit this Halloween? If so, we'd love for you to share those pics and videos with us.

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These Two Creative Costumes Get Our Vote for Best of Halloween 2017